Paua provides the ideal way to social work agencies to manage their client records. Paua stores demographic details, case notes, outcomes, assessments and much more...

Paua ..

  • Is hosted in New Zealand
  • Requires no installation on users' computers as Paua is completely web based
  • Is a flexible client management solution that allows social work agencies to maintain their own dropdown lists and even create their own completely new custom fields
  • Facilitates Outcome Based Measurement and Outcome Based Reporting
    • By allowing agencies to define client outcomes and then produce reports on those outcomes
    • By providing client assessment forms with numeric answers that can be used regularly during a client engagement to plot progress
  • Has the facility for agencies to define their own data forms for capturing client data such as assessment forms
  • Paua includes capability to produce PRIMHD outcome reports for the Ministry of health
  • Paua include many standard assessment forms for mental health, alcohol and substance abuse including
    • Health of Nations Outcome Scales Paua implements HoNOSCA, HoNOS and HoNOS65+ for children and adolescents, working age adults and older adults respectively.
    • Alcohol and Drug Outcome Measure ADOM
    • Substance and Choices Scale SACS for adolescent alcohol and drug screening
    • Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test Mast-G for alcoholism screening in older adults
  • Paua has a groups module for recording your groups and courses and recording attendance
  • Paua can record data for individual clients or in a "Family Centric" mode
  • Paua is compatible with mobile devices
  • Could be up and running at your agency within hours...

In addition to all these features Paua's great strength is simplicity and ease of both setup and use for all levels of users.