The cost of Paua comprises an initial setup fee and then a continuing support/licence cost.

Free Trial

We will set up a system free of charge for you to evaluate for a month. After that you can decide whether Paua meets your needs and start paying the support/license fee or we can simply remove the trial system.


Once you decide to go ahead with Paua a fixed setup fee is charged for initial setup of the application for your particular agency.

This covers

  • Population of the code tables/drop-down lists as required for operation of the application.
  • Ensuring that the system is working as expected.
  • Set up assistance with drop-downs and user set up and initial telephone/email assistance to ensure a smooth user experience.

Support/License Fee

There is a monthly fee for continued use of the Paua application. This is based on the number of active Paua users at the agency. (Active means that they have a Paua user account on the system in an 'Active' state).

Note that you can have as many 'Inactive' users as you like. Inactive users are normally staff members who have left the organisation but their records are still stored.

Blocks of additional licences are in groups of ten. For example the standard initial setup is for up to 10 users. The next step is 10 - 20 users and then 20 -30 users and so on.

The monthly support/license fee provides:

  • Access via secure login to the Paua client management application.
  • Free technical support and help by email for up to one hour per month.
  • Regular database backups.